Top ten most dangerous roads

All workers are at risk of crashes, whether they drive light or heavy vehicles, or whether driving is a main or incidental job duty. In 2016, crashes took 37,461 lives in the US.

Drive safely. Arrive safely.    According to fleet management technology company Zonar, there are 36 percent more vehicles on the roads during the holidays (Wednesday before Thanksgiving – January 1). Knowing which stretches of road are the most dangerous for drivers can help decrease chances of getting into an accident by adjusting routes or schedules and increasing safety awareness.

The US Department of Transportation reports the top 10 most dangerous roads based on total accident volume between 2013-2016 are:

I-10 in Alabama
I-95 in Florida
I-75 in Idaho
I-40 in Arkansas
US-1 in Florida
I-20 in Michigan
I-80 in Colorado
I-5 in Colorado
I-70 in Maryland
I-35 in South Carolina

More drivers on the road = more potential for accidents   According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an increase in traffic deaths is a predictable downside to an improving economy. As unemployment falls, both vehicle miles traveled and crash deaths increase.

Protecting our workers and drivers, their passengers, and the general public is of the highest priority to the Tri-State/Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Group, and an important part of our Working. Safe. program.