Charleston, WV

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Charleston, West Virginia area

Tri-State Roofing & Sheet Metal Company
321 Harris Drive, Rock Branch Industrial Park
Poca, West Virginia  25159
Phone: (304) 755-8135
Fax: (304) 755-5275
After-hours / Emergency: (304) 755-8135

Tri-State Roofing & Sheet Metal Company’s Charleston location serves customers in central, eastern, and southern West Virginia; southeastern Ohio; and eastern Kentucky.

Services at this location include:
  • low-slope, steep-slope roofing
  • roof inspection, maintenance, repair
  • emergency services
  • industrial sheeting
  • roof coatings
  • sheet metal fabrication and erection
  • heating & air conditioning systems and service
  • design/build

“Thanks to everyone who made this project successful; it turned out great and I appreciate the work of all.”
- Project Engineer

“I've dealt with a lot of construction contractors over the last 11 years and I have never dealt with such competency and professionalism to date. You set the standard. The business and emotional intelligence in assessing the existing roof, understanding the sensitivity of their core network that houses over $20,000,000 of fiber switches and understanding the potential risks to their operations was paramount to pulling off a successful operation. The vibrations with the decking, any roof materials or particles falling through holes in the decking, water or temperature control could have been either a disaster or a major problem to their business. The staging diagram, the daily communication with my customer and managing the removal of the roof and major equipment during each stage was masterfully done. I really appreciate everything you did Tim. I couldn't be happier in paying your bill!”
- Owner

“I can't say enough how good of work the Tri-State crew did. Neither roof was "easy" and the lines are all crisp and clean with no wavy edges anywhere.”
- Architect
“Your men did a great job on this project. The clay roof tile repairs were timely and well done. The copper gutter and downspouts are outstanding. Pat Haden did a good job getting it all orchestrated. Well done.”
- General Contractor
“This is more than a roofing company. Special detailing. Design help. Value engineering that saves the customer money. Complete sheet metal services. Whatever it takes, they do it. They’re really a total service company.”
- Architect
“So cool. So freakin' cool. Great job!”
- Building Owner