Fall has arrived! Enjoy the show.

courtesy weather.com

“Fall Foliage Peak Times” courtesy weather.com

The first day of fall is September 22. Getting the most out of this colorful season is all about your location and timing. The color show begins earlier in higher altitudes and northern regions, and later in lower elevations and farther south.

Other factors contribute to the vividness of the season: the mix of trees in your locale and the amount of rain and heat locally in the “run up” to the season. While drought has a negative effect, a combination of sunny days and steadily cooling nights leading into fall produces the very best colors.

Find the best days for viewing in your area: Peak Fall Foliage Dates 2016   When the show is over, consider scheduling a roof inspection that includes clearing the roof and drains of leaves and other debris. Your roof system will be ready to take on the winter ahead.