Field Operations Leader in Martinsville, Virginia

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The Field Operations Leader (FOL) is the key man for our company in many areas. At all times he represents the Company and its "Principles" and "Mission" to the people under his supervision. In the field he represents the Company to the buyers of our services.

The FOL is responsible for the assignment and preservation of Company equipment used in the field. He is particularly responsible for the quality of the work applied and customer service in the field. He is the eyes of the Company, and reports the field situation to the main office. He looks for opportunities to improve profit by taking advantage of field conditions and is alert to head off potential problems.

The FOL reports to the PCOL (President/Chief Operator/Leader), and works laterally with the SEPL (Salesman/Estimator/Project Leader). He receives reports from the field working foremen. In the field he has great authority, including the responsibility to monitor the quality and quantity of the work applied by the crews, and to take and recommend commendation and disciplinary actions. He has responsibility for customer satisfaction and service.

The FOL knows the in's and out's of the application of our products. After training, and with his experience, he is able to decide upon the best and safest method of application of our work. He can identify the most effective equipment and crew size for the task. He cooperates with the SEPL in working out job details and solving job problems, and with the office sees appropriate job-related paperwork is timely filed. He is aware of the job budget and drives to achieve the budget goal.

The FOL understands that Safety is a top Company concern. He is responsible for administering the Company Safety Program in the field to assure compliance. He sees that all people in the field receive proper safety training and that each individual is aware of his responsibility for working safe.

The FOL is responsible for overseeing the training of field personnel. He ensures that all people have an opportunity to develop in their jobs and learn their trade. He pays specific attention to the identification of prospective foremen and the subsequent development of foremen. He encourages everyone to achieve to their fullest potential.

The FOL is decisive and well thought of by the people whom he supervises, other contractors and the representatives of the owners for whom we are performing work. He secures respect because he is known to be knowledgeable and dedicated to quality and customer service. He builds trust with Company people and customers. In the field he takes such steps as are necessary to put forward the Company's position and increase its opportunity for profitability. He reports irreconcilable differences to the office for handling by the PCOL. He looks for opportunities to suggest other company services to buyers.

The FOL understands his unique relationship with customers and prospects and looks for opportunities to sell and promote company services. He is constantly on the watch for possible additional work and communicates all possibilities, small or large, timely within the company.

The FOL is one of the most highly skilled, highly compensated men in the building industry. His compensation plan includes base salary, which will be augmented by bonus when company financial and non-financial goals are met. Additional benefits may include retirement, medical/surgical/health insurance, company vehicle, paid vacations, holidays, convention and seminar participation and income protection insurance.

In summary the FOL is a decision-maker who accepts and enjoys substantial responsibility and authority. He exercises it in the field in much the same way he would if he owned the business. He is an expert in the mechanics of our crafts and sees that our jobs are installed timely, in a quality workmanlike, efficient manner to the customer's satisfaction.

Field Operations Leader
Martinsville, Virginia

  • Full-time
  • Education desired: Bachelor Degree
  • Experience desired: Construction field operations experience
  • Benefits include: base salary, bonus, health insurance, retirement plan, company vehicle, paid vacation and holidays

The Tri-State/Service Group encourages military veterans to apply. We are an equal opportunity employer.