Raleigh, NC

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Raleigh, North Carolina

Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Company
3317 Hobby Court
Raleigh, North Carolina  27604
E-mail: raleigh@serviceroofing.com
Phone: (919) 873-0370
Fax: (919) 873-9450
After-hours / Emergency: (919) 873-0370

Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Company’s Raleigh location serves customers in North Carolina and southern Virginia in a 150-mile radius of Raleigh.

Services at this location include:
  • low-slope, steep-slope roofing
  • roof inspection, maintenance, repair
  • emergency services
  • industrial sheeting
  • roof coatings
  • sheet metal fabrication and erection
“Will contact Service for any future help. Excellent communication and updates from the field.”
- Property Manager
“Doing a wonderful job ”
- Property Manager
“Very responsive times and thorough work. ”
- Property Manager
“Thanks for your prompt service and updates. It makes my job a lot easier!! ”
- Property Manager
“Josh Foltz and his team at the Raleigh branch are great to work with! ”
- Building/Project Engineer
“On behalf of Cotton Inc., thank you for providing valuable service to our company and employees during this past year. ”
- Property Manager
“Now that's what I call service....you got my vote. Thanks and I'll call ya when I need ya. ”
- Property Manager
“Josh and his crew have done a great job for me. ”
- Contractor