When thunder roars, go indoors.

lightning_safety_450-webSummertime poses additional threats to worker safety on the roof: burns, heat stress, heat stroke, even lightning strikes.

What are the odds of being struck by lightning? According to National Weather Service Storm Data, each year in the United States more than 400 people are struck by lightning, and on average, between 55 and 60 people are killed.

Odds of being struck by lightning in a given year (reported deaths + injuries): 1/1,190,000
Odds of being struck in a given year (estimated total deaths + injuries): 1/960,000
Odds of being struck in your lifetime (Est. 80 years): 1/12,000

In spite of these odds, outdoor workers–including those in roofing and construction–are at a higher risk for lightning hazards.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, nowhere outside is safe when thunderstorms are in your area. If you hear thunder, even a distant rumble, you should seek safety in a substantial building or a hard-topped metal vehicle.

Ongoing safety training and an emergency action plan for summertime work hazards, including lightning, are a part of our group’s culture of safety. Our goal: zero incidents or injuries.

Fact Sheet: Lightning Safety When Working Outdoors